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Life Insurance for Tobacco/Nicotine Users

Smokers FAQs (click here)

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It’s a fact that smoking can subject many people to serious health consequences sooner or later – emphysema, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, cancer…and that is not a good risk for most insurance companies, so they charge smokers much higher rates than non-smokers. The reality of the situation is that most smokers will not be quitting tomorrow, but they still want to get life insurance at affordable rates.

Most life insurance companies will consider you a smoker (for rating purposes) even if you chew nicotine gum or wear the patch. People try these devices to quit, but many end up going back to smoking again, so in most cases you will need to be nicotine free for one year or more to be considered a “non-smoker”.

Not All Insurance Companies Treat Smokers the Same…

There are a few life insurance companies (very few) that do not treat all nicotine use equally when determining rates. Non-smoker rates can be acquired for occasional cigar use, Nicotine Gum and Nicotine Patch and in some cases even limited cigarette usage. This can translate to huge savings for the light tobacco user or social smoker. However, you should understand that when you are being considered for coverage, you’ll be asked to submit blood and urine samples which will be tested in the lab for the level of Cotinine (chemical produced by your body from nicotine usage) in your body. So, if you have been a moderate or heavy smoker, your lab results will register a higher level of Cotinine and chances are, you will not qualify for the lowest rates.

When applying for coverage, it is always best to honest and disclose your actual smoking habits. Insurance companies have wording in their policies called the Contestability Clause, which gives them the right to investigate a death claim in the first two years after the policy is in force. If they uncover information that is fraudulent or wasn’t accurately disclosed, they could limit or even deny the death claim.

How do I Get the Best Rate?

The most effective way to be sure you are getting the best offer for coverage is to work with an independent life insurance broker who knows the special risk marketplace. He or she will have the experience, knowledge and persistence to get you the best possible rates available no matter what type of life insurance you desire.

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