"Dealing with Hunter Gregory Financial is one of the best life decisions we have ever made."
-Joanne, South Easton, MA


We strive to make purchasing life insurance as easy as possible and the least "time taxing" that we can. And even more importantly, deliver optimum results. But don't just take our word for it...here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

Lee S., Spokane, Washington:
"Since I have Diabetes type II, and I'm age sixty, I was leery of the the ability to find somewhat affordable term insurance to complement some retirement planning needs my wife and I had put together. I knew that I was still in very good health and was a non-smoker, and Greg Karazulas was able to lead me with gentle persistence through the medical testing and application process to get me an affordable amount of 15 year level cost term insurance.
Thank you, Greg."

Mark G., North Carolina:
"I want to thank you for helping with my insurance application. As you know, I had purchased other insurance years ago and at that time qualified for a preferred, non-smoker policy since I was a fairly healthy and active individual at the time. Since then, my insurance needs have increased but unfortunately I have also developed type 2 diabetes. Frankly, I had considered myself as not insurable or at least not able to get additional insurance at an affordable rate, even though I’ve continued to manage my health and fitness level.

Needless to say, I was surprised and very pleased to learn that I could still as a diabetic qualify for preferred, non-smoker insurance with a quality insurance company and that I could be evaluated based on my overall health as opposed to simply my risk as a diabetic. I appreciate your help in making that happen. You guys were great through the entire process and I’d recommend you to anyone looking for a good insurance agent."

Philip Rosenfeld, Vice President, Frost Bank, San Antonio, Texas said:
"I needed to replace current term insurance that had only a few years left on it and sought advice from a friend who works in the insurance industry, who recommended Greg. I soon discovered that my previous insurance through Allstate had not been a good deal. For the same premium, I was able to extend an additional 15 years with only a slight reduction in dollar coverage - despite being 45 years old. I now have coverage through the time my kids get out of college which is such a relief to me and my wife. I can't speak more positively about the overall experience of working with Greg and Jackie - professional, timely, never a sales pitch, just intelligent, competent, high-character people. I now consider them both friends, and have referred my brother and my former business partner and his wife who have all obtained term insurance through Greg. Do not waste your money and time on a local single-company agent - they cannot compete with Greg and his large group of insurance companies that all compete for his business. I have offered to Greg to pass on my telephone number to anyone needing a reference, so please feel free to call me. I could not be more happy or more satisfied with HunterGregory.com."

M. Gardner, Allentown, PA
“I wanted to compliment your company on the way I was guided through the process of buying life insurance. You made it an extremely simple and pleasant experience, and the rate I was quoted was the rate I actually received. It is evident that you take great pride in your business and in satisfying customers. The personal service I received sets your company apart from other insurance companies I’ve worked with in the past.”

Mark F. Zimmer, Sr. Vice President of Amroc Investments, sent us this thank you:
"I wanted to thank you for your doggedly persistent effort in getting my policy underwritten. Your extra effort was appreciated and noticed. I am happy to give you a reference any time."

Todd Trcka, Sales Manager, Humana Central Texas Division, says this:
"Your ability to find me the least expensive insurance policy with a non-smoker rate, even though I smoke an occasional cigar, saved me a great deal of money on my insurance premiums. Your technical expertise and personal service, plus special attention to the details, really made all the difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend HunterGregory.com. Many thanks!"

Mason H., retiree, MI wrote:
"When looking for insurance on the internet, I applied to your company for my insurance needs. I can state without hesitation that your personal assistance and advice is the best I have ever received. I've dealt with agents, but never have I encountered such dedicated service, impeccable advice, and a thorough knowledge of my needs...I commend you and state unequivocally my delight with you and your company. Well done! Would recommend you to whom ever would ask where to buy insurance."

Joanne’s Story:
“In 2001 my husband and I were busy raising our 2 children, Adam 12 and Emily 8, working remodeling our home and dealing with my very sick parents. I was working on a giant fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”
“Our first fundraiser was on October 27, 2001. After working on the fundraiser so hard for such a long time, we planned our first trip ever to Disneyworld on November 1st to celebrate. Isn’t that what the athletes do after they win the Super Bowl? A well deserved trip. I told my husband to wear comfortable shoes. We would be doing lots of walking. Two days after our fundraiser, my husband had an emergency heart catherization. It showed that his right coronary artery was 100 blocked. It was only because of our planned trip that my husband conceded he was unable to walk without chest pain and should see a doctor. If he waited any longer, this would have been an entirely different story. He had angioplasty and a stent inserted in his right coronary artery. As scary as that was, medical technology is a wonderful thing and we were able to go on our trip 4 days later. It was as if it never happened. Sometimes I can’t believe how stupid we must have been or maybe is was simply denial. We had a very serious medical issue but because we were able to pick up where we left off we never addressed how it could catastrophically affect our lives. Thankfully, it was caught in time, and now it was over. Or so we thought. 4 months later, my husband came home from a business trip. When he walked in the door, right away I knew he was in trouble. Scar tissue had formed in the stent.”

“He was 95% blocked in the same artery again. Now reality had sunk in. What would I ever do if we lost him? Emotionally I would never be the same. Our children were still very young and the loss of their father would be devasting. Not only would they not have their dad but our financial situation would be catastrophic. Everything that our children knew would be different. We did not have life insurance. My husband was the financial support of our family. I ran a day care in our home so that I could be at home for our children. That would change. I would have to put my kids in day care and get a job that could pay the bills. I was angry and scared. How could we be so stupid?”

“I started looking up life insurance information on the internet. My husband was now high risk. Many people would not even talk to us and those that did, the premiums were so outrageous. Then I got a call from Greg Karazulas. Right away, he explained that he had access to many insurance companies that deal with high risk people and that he would try to get us the best plan he could. We talked to many many insurance people. Greg did exactly what he said he would. He got us the best plan for the best price. He also explained that if my husband did not have any other health issues after 2 years, his high risk status would go to a standard rate. Greg kept his word, we now have a better than standard rate. We have the security we need if our world falls apart and our premiums have decreased by about $2000 a year.”

“I have never met Greg or Jackie but I feel that they are our guardian angels. I knew that Greg genuinely cared about making sure our family would be ok. We were not just "business." Every time Greg was able to help us, I could hear the joy and excitement in his voice. They go the extra mile to overnight packages to us, checking on us with phone calls and emails. I have even gotten the occasional phone call from Greg reminding me of something I should have taken care of. He is always kind, pleasant and upbeat when he calls.
Dealing with Hunter Gregory Financial, Inc. is one of the best life decisions we have ever made.”


Joanne Kowalczyk
South Easton, MA

Frank Sorrells from Safety Harbor, FL wrote:
“Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you went to get me the preferred rates and the innovative funding for the life insurance package just completed. Not often do you see professional people like yourself go to the extent you did to make a single satisfied customer. Again thanks and good luck to you and your staff.”

Father Theodore H. Henderson, Jr., ACSSS wrote:
"Some health problems, accompanied with weight and height obstacles, caused me to search for acceptable insurance alternatives at attractive rates. I was fortunate to find Greg Karazulas at Hunter Gregory. What a surprise to find uneventful customer service, great coverage and the most attractive rates all at the same place. Thank you, Greg."