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Heart Conditions FAQs

My doctor says Im in better shape now than before the heart attackhow come I am still considered high risk by the insurance companies?
Insurance company underwriters look at statistics to gauge the health risk of each applicant. The fact that the indicators were present to cause your heart attack in the first place puts you at a higher risk automatically. Butgetting in good to great shape, after an incident, will be favorable to certain companies. Talk to an independent life insurance agent who specializes in the special risk marketplace to find out the best options for your situation.

Will an insurance company allow me to submit my medical/heart history, prior to my applying for insurance with a formal application, to see if can qualify for coverage?
Yes. This is called a preliminary inquiry and many insurance carriers will review your medical records and make an offer based on your health classification. The offer is not binding, because the rest of the requirements will need to be submitted for full underwriting to get a binding offer, but this allows you to get an idea of how the premiums will look based on a tentative health classification.

Does having a family history of heart disease affect my insurability?
Yes, if either parent has a history of heart disease prior to age 60, then the insurance companies view that as an indicator of higher risk. Usually this translates to not being able to qualify for the best rates available (super preferred or preferred). Consult an independent insurance agent who specializes in the special risk marketplace to find the best rates for your family history.

How long do I have to wait after suffering a heart attack to apply for insurance?
This depends on the severity of the heart attack. If mild, you may be eligible after only one yearif severe, then it may be up to 3-5 years after youve recovered. Follow up, diet, medications and overall health are all reviewed to determine if and when you would be eligible for an offer of insurance. An independent insurance agent who specializes in the special risk marketplace would be able to review your medical history and make recommendations on which insurance companies might be willing to make an offer based on heart history.

Can I qualify for insurance if I have a pacemaker or defibrillator in place?
Usually the answer is no, but under certain favorable conditions, you may be able to obtain an offer. Your medical history would have to be reviewed to see if your specific conditions would warrant an offer of insurance.

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