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Diabetes and Life Insurance
Good Control is the Key

Diabetes FAQs (click here)

Whether you are living with Juvenile (Type1) or Late Onset (Type 2) diabetes, life insurance coverage can be available at reasonable rates. The degree to which you are controlling your diabetes will likely be the most important factor in an insurance company’s decision to make an offer for life insurance coverage. For both types of diabetes, companies look closely at how well the diabetes is controlled, as well as the data obtained from the insurance exam and notes/records from your doctor.

Insurance companies also look closely at other additional risk factors like smoking, obesity, and alcohol intake. Diabetics who do not properly treat and monitor their disease are at a higher risk for complications. (kidney disease, hardening of the arteries, blindness,neuropathy, etc.) Insurance companies are looking for stability and consistency in lab findings and control factors.

Many diabetics have hypertension (high blood pressure) and abnormal cholesterol levels. Hypertension and abnormal cholesterol levels can contribute to the acceleration of diabetic complications without being correctly treated. Diabetics who diet and exercise according to their physician’s instructions can often more effectively control their diabetes and usually stand a better chance of qualifying for life insurance.

It is possible for some Type II diabetics to qualify for standard insurance rates from a number of companies. Again, control is the key – A1C less than 7, good lab results and elimination of additional risk factors can save you a great deal of money on coverage.

Whether you are trying to get Term Life Insurance or a more permanent policy like Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life or Survivorship Life (Second-to-Die), it pays to enlist the help of an independent life insurance broker who works daily in the Special Risk marketplace, to get you the best policy for your needs.

He or she will have the experience, knowledge and persistence to get you the best possible rates available. A good broker knows from experience which life insurance companies are most likely to offer you the lowest rates for your particular diabetic condition.

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