"Dealing with Hunter Gregory Financial is one of the best life decisions we have ever made."
-Joanne, South Easton, MA

Who is Hunter Gregory Financial, Inc?

Hunter Gregory Financial, Inc. is an independent insurance brokerage with over 35 years of experience. Our Company specializes in offering a wide variety of top rated insurance and investment products to best meet the needs of our clients.

Working with Hunter Gregory Financial will give you access to the most innovative life insurance and annuity products available from highly rated and respected insurance companies. We are licensed to do business with a great number of companies because problem solving demands flexibility and a wide variety of options, which are not always available from just one company. We also keep our fingers on the pulse of new product offerings in the life insurance and annuity marketplace, often before they are even available to the public. This allows us, in some cases, to anticipate better solutions for our clients.

A few of the areas that we specialize in are estate tax funding, income strategies, life insurance solutions for seniors and also for people who have adverse health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. We also work with clients who are tobacco users to find the best rates.

We are at the forefront of the latest and most innovative approaches to life insurance as it pertains to estate planning, specifically, the funding of future estate tax liability. For larger estates we also show our clients how to fund the cost of insurance by using other people’s money via premium financing. To be sure, we employ the most cost effective strategies available to address estate and gift tax issues.

The cornerstone of our approach to helping secure the most cost effective life insurance products for our clients, is our knowledge of the health impaired marketplace. Knowing which companies to utilize, given the variety of health impairments our clients are faced with, is the key to getting them the lowest possible cost for their life insurance coverage. We routinely utilize companies with aggressive underwriting for diabetics – either insulin dependent or type II (late onset), as well as a variety of heart conditions, tobacco users, recovered cancer patients, and for people suffering from anxiety, overweight and controlled cholesterol/controlled high blood pressure.

At Hunter Gregory Financial, we’re all about personal client service and privacy. All info is kept strictly confidential. We don’t set cookies, disseminate or sell any information that you provide. Even doing business over the internet, people still want to know they can talk to someone when they need advice or want answers to their questions. When you call us, you will not be forced to listen to a dozen options on an automated line before you can talk to us. Yes, we actually pick up the phone ourselves and take your calls or return your call as soon as possible if we’re assisting someone else at the time. Call our nationwide toll free number for a free consultation.

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