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"Dealing with Hunter Gregory Financial is one of the best life decisions we have ever made."
-Joanne, South Easton, MA

universal life insurance Competitive term life insurance & whole life insurance plans. Low rates for survivorship life, estate planning, premium financed life insurance, diabetes, smokers, cancer, heart disease & pilots.
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This site is designed to give you advice, information and the lowest rates for your life insurance coverage. You will have access to:

  • The most competitively priced life insurance plans available from major insurance companies (top rated)
  • Customized life insurance tailored to meet your needs
  • Personal service: sound advice before and after the sale
  • Immediate access to independent life insurance specialists

Specialists available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST at
Or email 24-hours info@huntergregory.com

Our No Cost /No Obligation Policy

  • There is no cost to you to apply for life insurance.
  • No money is required at the time of application.
  • You are not obligated to purchase a policy once the insurance company has made you an offer.
  • You should be completely satisfied with your life insurance policy before you choose to purchase.

Whether you want Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance or Survivorship Life Insurance, we will help you find the best policy available to meet your needs. We personalize our service by looking at each person individually. This includes reviewing your insurance needs and health history so we can provide specific recommendations for life insurance tailored to you.

We are dedicated to getting you the lowest rates whether you are in the best of health or have a less than perfect health history. Visit our Resource Center for information concerning obtaining coverage if you have diabetes, cancer, heart disease, use tobacco products or have other health issues.

Now, you have toll-free access to experienced independent life insurance professionals and a Certified Senior Advisor who will work on your behalf to bring you the most competitive life insurance plans.You should be completely satisfied with your life insurance policy before you choose to purchase.

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